Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Saturday in Koln ~ 13 June 2009

Today Heinz and I took the two and a half hour drive to Koln..thank goodness it was a beautiful day - I felt very tired this morning and a few times found myself nodding off - Heinz wanted us to leave home at 9am so I was up at 7,30 which is early for a Saturday...and lately I seem to need my sleep..weird how at times I cant sleep then other times I cant get enough!

The reason we went to Koln was for my birthday present. I had seen something I liked when we visited Koln a few weeks ago to meet my friend Rita...we thought we could get the same thing in Fulda so didnt buy when we saw it, only to find that Fulda has a small collection but nothing that I wanted.

Anyway, today we bought it...okay so you wondering what it is...here goes.

Charm bracelet - and charms.

I bought the A, E, C and X for my grandchildrens names.
The South African flag as this is my home
A solid heart....which is for Heinz and my love for each other
And then the Koln cathedral - as I love that place.

I will over time and on special occassions add to this bracelet - I want the German flag as this is where i am staying....the number 5 when we married 5 years in October and the Berlin tor building as I love Berlin...

Then there are things like handbags, shoes, you name it - its there, even a camera and aeroplane!! All things that tell a story about my life.

The website if you want to get an idea is www.giorgiomartello.com
His business is in Milano in Italy.

After we bought my gift and Heinz went to have it gifted wrapped as I will only get it the morning of my birthday...We went to the British Shop - didnt get too many products this time as most were expiring soon..so bought some buscuits and wafer covered in chocolate, special tuna and the OK magazine.

I found sushi...so bought some as take aways for dinner this evening...( only me as Heinz doesnt eat sushi) and some for tomorrow lunch time.

Driving home I crashed...slept all the way...now Heinz has gone for a cycle and I am catching up on the internet...its a lovely day today..and tomorrow I hear is going to be 30 so will be out in the sun tanning for sure!!

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