Tuesday, August 3, 2010

September 23 2009

Have lost a kilo...
This morning weight 61.4kg's - last time I weighted in I was 62.4kgs.

This morning started my day with coffee
All bran with 3Tsp muesli, yogurt and apple

Then went for a 30 min weights workout
After that went for a 1 hour 20 mins run to Fish Hoek beach...ran 4kl along the water on firm sand and then ran back...this totalled up to 14kl...the furtherst I've ever run so far,
Burned 1027 calories
Fat 15%
Steps 12 180
WW bonus points 15

Carol today while running along the beach I thought of you and where you living...what a great time you going to have being so close to the beach this coming summer. I felt so homesick today, felt I wanted to stay here as it was such a picture perfect day on Fish Hoek beach...the beach was full of retired ladies and gentlemen walking with their dogs...I felt so safe running there so close to the sea. Caz, I told u that whenever I visit CT I never go to the beach...I see now why that was/is....I used to go to Clifton 4th beach which the body beach and so out of the way...being overweight I stayed far away as I didnt want anyone I knew to see me there...Fish Hoek beach is so different...if I lived here I would visit often...
So Caz...enjoy your summer and know I'm going to be so jealous everytime you mention the beach and the wonderful summer weather...xx

Will pop back tonight to update my day and eating...but seeing my weight this morning has motivated me to try even harder to stay at goal weight....

Am so excited - went to WW meeting with my mom this evening and was given the 10% key the goal weight star and the key to life membership...just what I need to get myself into the classes in Germany for free as I want to weigh in once a week with them during winter months to keep me at goal and not gaining.
I also got the 6 weeks maintenance plan books...so going to read through them later.
The leader was so impressed that I managed to lose the weight doing it on my own online...made me feel very proud of myself hearing her say this as I forget that doing it alone is hard...although this group I created back in November last year and had Elmarie and Angela on my back all the way for support. Girls I know I have told u this a million times, but without your support I dont think I would have gotten to where I am today...once again ...a big thank you.

Going to dinner at my sister in laws mom this evening...have 7.5 points left and then my 15 bonus points I can dig into should I need to.

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