Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh in Day ~ 14 December 2009

Today I weight the lowest I've weight in more years I can remember....

59.2 kg's - 130.4 lbs

This new WW program must be working for me...as I didn't train that hard last week, and this last weekend took off and then I climb on the scale and this surprise is there for me.

Last week's wrap up Week 3 and period week

Monday ate 28/29 points - Gained 9 Activity points - 60.1kg
Tuesday ate 32/29 points - Gained 10 Activity points - 60.6 kg
Wednesday ate 29/29 points - Gained 7 Activity points
Thursday ate 33/29 points - Gained 7 Activity points
Friday ate 37/35 points - Gained 5 Activity points
Saturday ate 35/35 points - Took day off
Sunday 26/29 points - Took day off

Gained for the week 36 Activity points
Used 17,5 points of my 35 weekly points allowed for extra foods.

This week I plan to get to gym daily as this weekend I think I will be taking off again...Next week will not be able to train as often as Heinz is on leave....

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