Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Living in Germany for 5 years ~ 5 December 2009

Today Heinz and I went off to the Eufurt Xmas market, a two hours drive...

I made muesli for breakfast with Tsp of seeds and yogurt
I packed a sandwich with WW chicken slices, 1 slice WW cheese - a few grapes, and cherry tomatoes.

Off we went...
Along the way I needed the loo so we stopped at the Burger King...after the loo I wanted a coffee as I was nodding off in the car and wanted to keep Heinz company while driving there. Heinz asked if I wanted a doughnut so said okay....broke it in half and put the other half in my lunch box - Full doughnut is 9 points so with half I ate 4.5 points.

Once at the market I stayed away from all the lovely caramelized nuts I always eat - the smell was so so tempting...Heinz bought me a gluhwein as I collect the mugs, they have the town's name on them and the year...my collection is growing as today its been 5 years that I moved to Germany. This is my 5th Christmas here and not with my family.
Anyway...Gluhwein is 6 points for 200ml's - I drank half and threw the rest away...that gave me 3 points

A little later we walked past the jelly sweets and I bought a handfull...those points if I worked them out correctly are about 10 points!!!

That's what I've eaten so far today...and used up all my points...with half a doughnut, half a mug of gluhwein and a handful of jelly sweets.

Thank goodness for those weekly extra points I have....as this week with my *over eating* I've gone into them and not used them up and gone into points I dont have thats available to me.
I can see from now till after the Xmas season its going to be tough going as we going to be doing lots of Christmas markets - I will make sure I do cardio 6x a week...that will balance it all out for me in the end...we going to gym tomorrow - today was my off day - I did do 4 hours of walking around the town and the market today, so didnt sit on my bum....

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