Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My week was GREAT

I had a good week...looking back I see that I felt upbeat most of the time - even when climbing on the scale on Monday and seeing I had stayed the same after working out so hard the week before...Wednesday morning I weighed in again ( my ususal WW day back in CT ) and saw I was down .4....so was even more happier...breaking into the 64kgs this week was a huge achievement for me. To think I started this journey weighing 80kgs...had gotten myself to 82 - I feel very proud of myself as I have learnt that it was me that did it for myself, no one did it for me and that shows me that I can have control over area's in my life...and that's such a good feeling.
( Angela I will always be thankful for all the motivational comments you left me along the way, they did give me a kick in the butt when I needed it most )

I have been going to gym or the forest area everyday this last week...making sure I train for an hour and a half each day...doing hour of cardio and 30 mins of weights.
I have just got back from gym now....did weights first, then 70 mins of cardio - My steps at 12.33pm are 9945 - yesterday I did over 15 000 steps as I had my aerobic class that I taught as well as the hour and a half at gym. Keeping a eye on my steps motivates me to move more in the day...I see WW sells a pedometer here which shows your steps and also the value of the Points gained from those steps in a day.

While driving home I had these thoughts in my head...I know that I cant keep this rate of training up...but while i have the desire and motivation to go I am going to make the most of it, as I know as quickly as the motivation comes to train, it leaves as well....and that's okay with me. I am not someone who naturally loves training and if I dont go am going to feel ill...I have to give myself that push to get to gym...some days its easier than other days...at the moment I'm in an easy phase, but wait....when I shout * Help, I need motivation* I know you all going to be there for me!!

This evening I'm going to a function at hubby's work called *Sommerfest* - it sure is not *Sommer * today, I will be wearing long sleeves to keep me warm...I have to make a salad...so will make one which is *marcelle* friendly as I know there will be plenty of salads with dressing and mayo on them which I would prefer not to touch...
Grilled chicken and salad with Diet Sprite, which I also bought...I am all prepared...making sure all my ducks are in a row so that I can still go out and enjoy myself without feeling deprieved. As all the South Africans are gone it will only be me and Heidi that can really chat, so taking my camera along and going to spend my time taking photo's of everyone...that should keep me busy!!

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