Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 194 ~ Weigh in Day

Before I drank my coffee this morning I made sure I went and weighed myself....Monday is my Weigh In Day - it arrived and I forced myself to climb on that dreaded scale, I have to start seeing the scale as a friend!!

I lost.4 from last week...so have lost 2kgs since my last weigh in at the Weight Watchers meeting the Wednesday before I left on the Saturday.
I'm happy! am nearly at my 2nd small goal I put out for myself.

I've been watching The Biggest Loser UK everyday at 5pm, and see how slowly the women lose weight compared to the men...yet the women workout just as hard during the training sessions as the men do. These contestants train for 4 hours a day and when it comes to weigh in day they lose 1, 2 POUNDS a week and some even stay the same. The first week everyone had big numbers but now we into the 5th week and the weight is not coming off them as fast.
Its good for me to see this as it makes me see my situation in a more positive light...mine is coming off slowly, but thats okay, at least its coming off from one week to the next, I have never so far had a week that I have gained weight instead have lost nearly 14kgs....Angela it feels like just the other day I was so negitive about my weight and slow weight loss and how you had to push me with words of motivation...

30g All Bran ( bought at the British Shop )
125g Vanille Yogurt

Its another beautiful day here, will go walking in the forest - end up jogging - then come home and lie in the sun....

Sitting here at my computer puffing and panting after my walk and mostly run, told you I cant take it easy...when I look down at my heartrate monitor and see my heart rate is down I have to jog to put it up...I saw that even while jogging my heart rate would only go to 125 beats per minute, only when I moved at a quick pace and uphill did it go to 140...
Did 7448 steps in 55 minutes and its only 11.10 so my 10 000 will be reached today
Burned 741 calories in 55 mins, not the best, but as I said my heart rate is quite low on these walk/runs, although I feel exhausted.

WW carrot cake I bought in Koln
1 Apple and 1 kwiwi

Then went out and lay in the sun while chatting to my friend Rita on the phone....makes tanning pass a lot quicker as I either need to fall asleep as lying still gets too much for me...another change as I have gotten older.

2 slices ww bread
1 slice ww cheese ( new product in our shops)
3 ww Turkey slices
POINTS = 3,5

I told Heinz not to buy me the half grilled chicken from the chicken man tonight ( the chicken is like those you buy at woolworths or P'NP ) I saw in a German calorie magazine that the half chicken without skin contains 700 calories and we have been eating this chicken 2x a week, so will only have on a Friday night from now on - rather make myself tuna with sweet potato....

Off to the sun again...going to pour myself some Coke Zero while up.

WW Mango ice lolly


Dinner1 tin Tuna
1 sweet potato
Tsp Mayo and Chutney
Salad with tomoto,cucumber, yellow pepper, pineapple, 20g Avo and green onions

WW pudding

Had 18,5 points today out of my 22...
And had so many nice treats through out today!!
Love Weight Watchers!!

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