Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Burning Calories

I've been very good this week at getting myself to move - have been struggling mentally with getting going, but some how I seem to find the strengh from deep within - once I've done something I always feel so much better for it.

Monday was a public holiday so hubby and I cycled for an hour and 22 mins then went off to gym where I worked on the toning machines for 40 mins.

Tuesday I met my friend Karin at gym, I walked for 20 mins to warm up, then did he super circuit 2x and ran for 10 mins...that took me to over an hour.

Wednesday I was expecting our new washing machine to arrive so didnt leave the house ( it didnt arrive ) so I did about 30 mins of toning while watching tv.

Thursday I taught my aerobic class...( did just under 7 000 steps yesterday )

Friday I have just got back from a wonderful 60 mins jog behind the swimming pool area in town, lots of people training there, the sun was out and the world was so beautiful and peaceful.
(My steps are 9808 and its 10.48am )

Saturday we dont normally train but Sunday we either cycle depending on the weather or head to the gym...So all in all I have been burning those calories this week and not sitting on my bum!

What are u doing??
What are u doing to burn those calories?

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