Tuesday, August 3, 2010

18 December 2009

Woke up to a freezing Friday....was minus 7 when Heinz went off to work. I did have second thoughts on whether I should go to gym this morning and do the step class...didn't take me too long to decide to go...I know this weekend I won't get a chance to train and next week I have Sarah ( from group ) and her adorable 10 year old daughter coming to stay with me from Sunday to Wed, so not sure with all our plans to visit Xmas markets if I'll get time to get to the gym...I have asked the gym if I can bring Sarah around if she is up to training, they said YES...so now its totally up to how busy our days are going to be if we can squeeze in a training session. I hope so as I would love to train with Sarah.

I've been feeling a little off the last two days. Dizzy, like I have motion sickness...weird, just not myself...I asked the trainer at gym to check my blood pressure before the step as I didn't want to faint in the class. He checked and said it was all good, nothing wrong. During the class I felt on top of the world, no problems even ran for 5kl afterwards on the treadmill...I was feeling good and relieved that I was okay...the trainer had mentioned he wanted to check my heart after the class.

After the class I had the whole check and all was perfect...am VERY fit and in the green area for everything that it had there.
I asked the instructor if I could have my stats that were taken when I joined the gym last year November....so this is what I got and today....

November 2008 December 2009

Weight - 78.2 ( 172.4 lbs ) 59.8 ( 130.5 lbs )
BMI - 30.5 22
Body fat - 40% 23.9%
Fat Mass - 32.2 14.2

So huge improvements which I am very pleased about as I have worked so hard to achieve good long lasting results this last year.
Have been home ( Cape Town, South Africa ) for two holidays and both times I lost weight...I remained focused at all times and always planned ahead if I knew I would need to eat more at functions.
My journey started in Feb this year when I started Weight Watchers - so I see myself having gained these results in 10 months...am pleased I took care of myself and I can encourage everyone else to go for their goal as only you can make it happen for yourself, you have to love yourself more than you love food.

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