Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 200

I've been keeping this blog updated for over 6 months now, everyday writing down what I am/have done and the foods I have eaten. (I am currently 4kgs away from goal weight)

Two reason for this....
1. I beleive that an online food diary makes one aware of what you put into your mouth
2. I was hoping by doing it myself I would encourage members of the group to do the same.

As from today I will no longer be keeping a food diary here - I keep one on the WW online site I belong to so dont have the need to repeat it all here as well.....it's not encouraging others to keep their own food journal....
I will update my blog every Monday as that is my weigh in day, also from time to time to chitter chatter - as I know right now I will be needing encouragement to get myself off to train - its an area I am struggling with at the moment...

I hope everyone has had a great weekend - I have so far and am looking forward to having hubby home tomorrow as its a public holiday...we planning to drive to Alsfeld as the town has a market there this weekend - I have my camera back from being repaired so want to walk around and take photo's.

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