Tuesday, August 3, 2010

December 6 2009

This morning we went to gym - I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 30 minutes of weight - I didn't have much energy and have decided for the coming week ( period week ) to do cardio equipment and not run, going to take this coming week off from my daily running on treadmill.

I had a better day today with my eating, but did end up having 32 points. ( added the sugar ) 33 points.
I had which I should not have....
1. Biscuit at the Xmas market we went to this afternoon...one!
2. Father Xmas small chocolate which was lying on the towel when I went to the sunbed.
3. 1/4 glass of red wine...

Those three things added together cost me 4 ( now 5 ) points..had I said NO to them I would have come out with the 29 I allow myself from Sunday to Thursday.

Heinz and I went to a Xmas market down the road today, I didn't have gluhwein, instead I had a coffee - tasted like chocolate coffee, they put a big dollop of cream on the top which I scooped off and threw in the dirt bin close by...and I had to have sugar as no sweetner...oh that reminds me...sugar is another point which I didn't add - went back and added so now this entry is starting to make sense to you!!

I weighed myself this morning...60.6kg ( 133.6lbs ) - so happy as I am giving myself between 60 ( 132.3 ) - 62 ( 136.7 )for maintenance.

My week so far...I have 35 weekly points of which I have 10.5 left over
My activity points I earned this week totals 51 - those I didnt use so get saved...
It's all looking good...when looking at the points this way I have remained within my amount allowed...
I know I panic and react quickly, this new program is something I'm not that comfortable with as yet - I know the last few days have been harder due to my period ( if it comes ) is due and my body is all over the place...but I have trained and made sure no matter what I stay on the wagon...not falling off.

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