Tuesday, August 3, 2010

September 21 2009

I didnt weight myself this morning...is this a bad sign?? I thought about it but didnt want to see what the scale said after having had such a bad Sunday...One bad day and I want to run away from the dreaded scale that is yet to become my friend.
So promise I will weigh in tomorrow..whatever happens I have to weigh in...the last time I checked my weight was on Saturday and was 62.4kgs and was happy with that...why do I think in one day I can pick up 10kgs??? I am always scared I see 70kgs, 80kgs staring back at me.

So today I did my usual...good breakfast, had free soup for lunch with a few snacks...and have now got 10 points left over for dinner...so am actually doing okay.

Went for a very hard 6kl up hill in hectic wind run with my sister in law...
Burned 505 kcal
10 WW bonus points.
That was my hardest run ever...I struggled uphill with the wind coming at me...but did it so am chuffed its all over.
Not going to train tomorrow..got a Granny morning at Amber's school I'm attending and will see how i feel tomorrow night as I had no rest day yesterday and am feeling pretty tired.

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