Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 186 ~ 17 May 2009

Woke up to a nice day here...watched some tv in bed drinking my coffee Heinz brought me....
* Are we doing gym this morning* he asked...
* I dont know, havent given it any thought, still in bed mode* was my reply
Of course I wanted to do something active today, but at that moment all I wanted to do was NOTHING...LOL,thank goodness for Heinz, he gets me out and about, I would just sit here and veg!

1 slice WW bread
1 fried egg in Spray and cook
1 WW yogurt

Went to gym - burned 936 calories...

Got back now, time to shower and get dressed then decided what to have for lunch as Heinz bought himself a Macdonalds burger and I was not tempted at all to have one....or anything from that place with all its *bad* food!

After getting myself all *beautiful* again I had lunch.

3 rice cakes
1 with 20g avo
1 with low fat cheese
1 with 1 slice ww Turkey slice.
Weight watchers ice-cream

Been outdoors, lying in the sun...put my bikini on - then the clouds came out..so got dressed again and while sitting on my computer updating this entry I see the sun is shining again....Hmmmmmmmmmm not going to change into my bikini again!!

Do you know how I craved Sushi yesterday...made Heinz drive with the navigation in his car to show me where the show is situated as I see online they have takeaways...was so busy in the area of the resturant we didnt see it but I now know where to start my hunt, its in the middle of town so will be easy to find. I plan to do that on Tuesday as tomorrow morning Heinz wants me to take a 2nd look at the patio furniture we bought yesterday to make doubly sure its what we want, then I'm going to do the gym thing and clean house, but if sunshines I will lie outdoors as my body is looking very pasty white at the moment. Wednesday the shop plans to deliver the patio furniture so cant go out that day....but sushi *salmon roses* is what I want to feast on this week.

So as I am craving sushi I have taken salmon out of the freezer with some veg that will go into the oven and I'll make a salad for dinner. Looking at the time I see its 5.03pm already - Heinz likes to eat late, so I'll have to hang in a bit longer before starting my dinner.
I see I have only had 9 points so far today....leaves me lots for dinner time...hehe

110g salmon
roast veg ( bought so has oils etc in it )
Salad with avo and Feta
WW strawberry quark

It's Sunday so going to jot down my weeks summary as tomorrow it all starts on 0 again.
Diese Woche gespart = 57
Aktivitat gesamt = 33,5

So gained many points from being active this week...and I didnt always eat all my points allowance..as I mentioned before...according to SA I should be having 20 points, in Germany its 22...so those extra points add up to show I have lots of points available, which means should I want to do dinner on a Sunday night, I could go mad...hehe, but then I have weigh in on Mondays so would NEVER!!

As I mentioned all week, I am concerned about weighing in tomorrow, so lets the games begin...

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