Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nothing Fits!

Okay, let me start by saying I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS - only sharing my current situation regarding my clothing.

I'm finding less and less to wear in my cupboard...all my tops are fitting me so much better so am getting lots of use out of my tops...and yesterday Heinz bought me two very nice T-shirts that I saw for my birthday ( only the 23 June ) I was scared that they would sell out and I would not find them if we didnt buy them yesterday... so top wise I have enough variety...to much maybe as I always found it easier to buy tops when overweight, I hated buying pants and jeans.

I have so many pairs of pants, really nice modern ones in white, cream, beige,black and denimn - but none fit, even my size 12 woolworths pants are now hanging on me, making me look like I'm wearing a clowns outfit. The one pair of pants I bought at Tchibo that I tried on and saw they didnt fit, too small, which I then hid at the backon my cupboard so Heinz would not see as I knew he would moan about me buying something that was too small, and I didnt know how to exchange them on my own with not speaking the lingo ( the pants were my size 42 ) Well by the time I went to SA in March the pants were tight, but I took them with as I knew 1kgs lost would make all the difference...well those pants are now hanging on me - there is no ways I can wear them. I look like I'm wearing someone elses pants now!! My beautiful white Espit size 40 pants.....just hanging there, they so pretty and still so new...
The only pants I have that fit are my new white pants, my white 3 quater pants and a white pair of shorts...now with this grotty weather I cant wear any of the pants that fit me as its too cold still...so besides my gym pants that I live in during the day and the two pairs of new jeans that fit but I have to wear heels with them for the length, I'm struggling....but what a good feeling...oh boy...its good!!!

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