Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 183

Heinz turned to me in bed this morning and asked * What are your plans for today?* Spoke to my friend Carol who has moved to Aussie, she asked * So M, what are you doing today?* - seems no one get it after all these years of me living here...THERE IS'NT ANYTHING FOR ME TO DO HERE!!I find odd bits of housework, maybe a pop to the shops ( but now with recession I dont go as what is the fun of going shopping and not being able to buy when you see something you fancy ) - while sitting at the computer I noticed that the sun had come out - so decided I'm going for a walk outdoors today...so that's what I plan to do...WALK...EXCITING STUFF DONT YOU THINK? Lol...

35g Fitness cereal
WW yogurt

Went out for what started as a walk, but as my heart rate was too low I had to jog...jogging uphill is not something I enjoy as when I run on the treadmill its flat and have only just started added inclines to my workout. I jogged up most of the hill that I used to struggle walking up ( my fitness video diary in my blog last summer ) just the last section I went back to walking.
Then jogged all the way down...the fresh air was wonderful, the different green of the grass and trees is magnificient, I remembered why I love being in Germany during summer time...the beauty here is breathtaking. I wish I had my camera with me, but cant workout and take pics, will have to do that one day when I go for a casual strole.
So did 40 mins and burnt 605 calories
Got my class I'm teaching this evening - first one in months.

Pasta and Tuna from last night

Watched 2 hour of LOST - so now up to date with Heinz, we can watch the two we have recorded on the PVR
I lay in the sun for about 20 min's during the two hours...was lovely outdoors, so first looked at the local newspaper then lay back and let the sun *kiss * me....I actually dozed off...woke up with my mouth hanging open (LOL) and the clouds coming over again.

100g grapes
WW Quark
Points = 2

Split my dinner into two meals.
1 slice bread
1 fried egg in spray and cook
POINTS = 2.5

Went to teach my class - my ladies in Luesel - did aerobic dance and boxing, two of my favorite workouts which I cant find at our gym. The girl who organizes the classes noticed straight away I had lost weight she said, even while I was sitting in the car...when I got out the first thing she said * You only brought half of yourself back* She wanted to know how I had done it....
None of the other girls said a word, but am sure when I walked away Karin said something to them...
Dropped my ipod last night, so now that is also broken..the lcd screen is damaged so cant find the songs...will have to take it in as I use my ipod everyday.
Burned 536 calories

Came home and had the rest of my dinner
1 slice of bread
1 fried egg
1 slice cheese
POINTS = 3.5

Total points for the day ended at 17.5

My computer gave me problems last night so have only updated this Friday morning.

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