Tuesday, August 3, 2010

13 July 2009 ~ weigh in day

I lost .5 this week....so still losing although I've reached my goal weight and added more points to my weekends...
Its okay as I would like to lose another kgs...


40g cereal ( added more this morning )
1 yogurt
1 banana

Went to gym

Did 45 mins running on the treadmill
15 mins on the eclipse
That gave me my 60 mins of cardio
20 mins weights

Burned 795 calories

Not sure how many steps as I see my phone switched off at some point while training.


WW sponge cake ( arrived today from my friend in the UK, she sent a few products to me)

Showered and washed my hair...

Strawberries and melon

2 slices bread
2 slices turky
1 slice cheese
smear avo pear


WW biscuit

After doing all the ironing I lay down to watch Dr Phil...and fell asleep...when I woke up about 20 mins later I was peckish, so took a handful of Heinz's chips that are downstairs.


Baked butternut and sweet potato
Salad with feta and avo

Points used 19.5
So no quark for pudding today.

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