Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh in Day ~ 27 July 2009

Good sunshine morning everyone, woke up to another beautiful day, going to be over 30 degrees today...so must hit the gym early and then enjoy the sunshine...that means tanning!! LOL

Weighed in today...
Lost .3 in a week.
Am really losing very slowly lately...my aim is to get to 62.0 by the time I leave for Cape Town in less than a months time..checking the date today I'll be arriving in JHB then making my way to CT in exactly a months time today!

Went to gym

2 hour workout
45 mins running on treadmill - 5,5kl
Did 40 mins weight
35 mins on Eclipse

Burned 939 calories ( thats a stack )
20% fat
13,5 WW bonus points
Steps 13 171 ( 12.00 )

Now time to shower and get my bikini on to lie in the sun...NO housework getting done today!!

2 slices bread
4 Turkey slices
Points - 2,5

Been snacking on fruit and water while sitting in the sun
Sweet melon and 2 peaches which have no points value on Germany's WW.

Onion, yellow pepper, mushroom
Points -7

Pudding - 1 Point

Total points used today 18,5
Banked 13.5 points.

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