Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Marcelle

For as long as I can remember I have never given much thought as to how I looked after you, what foods I put inside of you. I've taken it for granted that you will always be a healthy vessel no matter what abuse I gave you.
I want to thank you for being such a healthy body for me even during the times when I neglected you in all area's. I trained on and off - I yoyo dieted - I pumped diet pills into your system and with all of that you still have remained an overall healthy body, for this I'm so so grateful.

Just over a year ago I decided it was time to take better care of you. You were starting to show signs of obesity with aches and pains - at the age of 46 I knew it was now or never. I was either going to make the changes I know you needed or let it continue and pray for the best.

This is the second festive season since I dedicated my time to making you a better and healthier body, this year is harder for me as we together are now maintaining, last year I was still trying to find what plan to follow and was mentally getting myself ready for this journey I've taken you on.
I've been spending lots of thought time on how I can help you come out of this festive season on the positive side...so this is my plan for you.

1. I will train you as often over this period as I am able for one hour per session, I know I cant plan this in advanced as Heinz is on leave so I'm prepared for the unexpected as they do crop up over this time, I do have a stationary bike at home I can use at night when we watching tv if I can't get to the gym - You will have Xmas day off and the day after Xmas - but I know that training you is very important as you need that to, I have proved this to you over and over the last few months. You need to train!

2. I know all about the good foods with good point values, so will make sure I chose wisely for you - if you want something that I know is not a good food, I will allow you to eat it, but make sure you remember portion control. Eating 2 scoops of ice cream is better than a whole bowl full like you would eat in the past. You will be allowed these bad foods but I will control the amount I give you, so you will never feel deprived.

3. I will be cooking Xmas lunch and buying all the foods for the holiday period, therefore I will not buy foods that will be lying around and be a temptation for you. Yes having chocolate, puddings and Xmas cake etc are all foods that most homes will have this festive season, but its only Heinz and you, and he's not crazy about all those food, so make use of that, buy only what you both enjoy and cook healthy foods for Xmas day.....no roast potato's, nothing wrong with baked sweet potato instead. Make a huge pot of Fat Free WW soup and have that as a starter before your main meal....I will be making a huge bowl of salad and fruit salad for dessert - you will enjoy your meal.

I promise to make this an easy festive season for you....I will look after you - I will make sure you end this festive season happy with yourself that you managed to maintain your weight so that going into 2010 is an easier one where for the first time our new years resolution will not be * TO LOSE WEIGHT* BUT TO MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT. That alone is a wonderful gift I can give you Marcelle.

Mother Xmas herself.....x

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