Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh in Day ~ 23 November 2009

I gained this week....a whopping 1.4kg's _ I've never lost that amount of weight in a week yet am able to gain that amount...how unfair is that.

I trained 8 x this week....I didn't even take my Saturday off like I usually do...and still I gained!!
And...not period time...nope, cant use that one - I went over my points.
Let me show you where and then I never want to ever hear anyone say to me * Live your life, eat, enjoy, etc etc* as my body does not work if I give it a break, it gains!!!!

I did a step class and burned 395 calories which gained me 4 bonus activity points.
I had 24 points available and 12 extra from the weeks training.
I went out for dinner and still make good choices..
I had a Starter, small portion main course of grilled chicken and mixed veg with small salad. Dessert I ordered Greek yogurt with honey and a few broken up nuts. I had a glass of wine and coffee.

I ran for for 50 mins and burned 383 calories
5 Bonus activity points
That day I went over my points by 2 - so should have 3 points left over on this day

I ran on treadmill for one hour 8kl and burned 529 calories and and got 6 Bonus points
I had 2 points left over from my 24 so saved 8 points.

YET TODAY, MY WEIGHT IN DAY I HAVE GAINED..the first time ever in my journey since February.
Makes NO sense to me that I relax a little - just a little and I gain - had I not trained I can say OK, but I worked my butt off.

I've started the new WW program today...Now can do the one with 29 points allowed as I now need to lose that kilo and a bit I've gained..

I've been cleaning the house all morning, doing washing etc, nearly done, then going to cycle while watching Dr Phil.
I wore my HR monitor while cleaning it tells me I burned 284calories...not much and I walked up and down 4 flights of steps all morning...

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