Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WW calculator arrives

My doorbell rang yesterday morning - opened and saw the postlady...with a small parcel for me!!! Knew immediatly what it was...my weight watches calculator I ordered from amazon uk as the one's that get sold at the WW meetings here are in many languages but not english!
Basically I can use it in the kitchen to see how many points something is - take the calories of 100g and the Saturated fat and then the amount you want to eat will throw out the points value...
When I go grocery shopping and want to buy something different I can quickly punch in the calories per 100g, the saturated fats and get the points value...then make the choice to buy or not!
I can also keep a 7 day food diary ( tracker ) on the calculator

No more pieces of paper - or having to climb 3 flights of steps up to my computer to the WW website to work out the food ( once I have worked it out I remember for future, I only need to do this if I try new products )

I joined WW online for 3 months - next week I'd have been with them for 2 months and only have one month left...this calculator will be my life saver then...

I have seen advertised a special WW food scale - but its so expensive, its about 90 pounds - so not going to buy that one, but do think its handy to have...not too sure how it works but you punch in a few things needed and it will give you direct point value of food on the scale.

Then there is the heart rate monitor I'm thinking of asking for...but have a good Polar HR so dont think Heinz will fall for my request to buy me that one. It works like a normal HR monitor but has a function at the end where it gives you the bonus points to the value of your workout...at the moment if I run for 30 mins, walk for 30 mins, do weights I have to divide it all up to on the WW site to get my bonus points...the HR monitor will do it all for me after each workout...I am keen on that one.

All these products makes it so much easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle...

I'm going to a WW meeting tomorrow night to buy more products and the *Eating out* book....helps you make the right choices when going out...shows you the points value of foods available at restuarants.

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