Tuesday, August 3, 2010

June 21 2009

Went to gym this morning while Heinz went out for a cycle....I spent one hour and 40 mins working out....burned just over 800 calories and did over 10 000 steps.
I started off doing weights....legs and then arms...only for 20 min's max...then went over to the treadmill and walked for 45 mins uphill, ever 5 mins I added to the incline...was hard, then I brought treadmill down to no level and ran for 20 mins...then ended off walking. I had a good sweat, so have come home and had a lovely shower....waiting for Heinz to get back as we going to be watching the F1 together, and I'm going to make Turkey and pasta with veg for lunch...am feeling hungry but will not pick on treats will after lunch time.

I have started my entry today with the heading *Confused* well I am....I really got a fright when I saw that *very bad* photo of myself yesterday, how drawn my face looks, but honestly it doesnt look that bad when I look at it long and hard in the mirror...I am going to keep going to reach my goal of 62kgs....its a bench mark I have wanted and feel I am so close * how can I give up now * and also I have not mentally prepared myself to maintain my weight as that is a whole different ball game. I should be on 18 points a day, so have decided as I am in no hurry to lose the 2.9 kgs also train everyday so score bonus points I am going to keep to 20 points a day.

So now having written my plans down I see it more clearly...that's why I love writing my thoughts down as it helps me see things better.

So my plan is as follows....to still aim for 62kgs....but at 20 points and not 18 a day...and keep on training as it makes me feel so much better about myself and is good for me!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone, time to cook now!

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