Tuesday, August 3, 2010

October 19 2009

It's that time of the week again where I have to weigh in....sometimes I love it - most times not!!

I had a good week last week with being home and being able to control my food intake and cook my own dinners etc. Makes it so much easier when watching your weight.

Weight this morning
That's a .6 loss this week.

My goal of 60kgs is getting closer now. As I said before, no stress to reach it as I am way below my goal weight that WW set out for me of 64kgs.

Have set out my training plan for the week...my goals.

Need to train Mon - Friday with lots of cardio everyday as Saturday we going to Frankfurt for a 30th birthday, sleeping over at a hotel there and Sunday is Heinz and my 5th wedding anniversary - we going to have brunch at the hotel before heading home. So this week I'm going to save 2 points per day so that I have 12 extra to play with over the weekend.

Keeping my weight off is all about planning my meals, making sure I train daily for at least 70 mins a day.

Hope everyone has a good week and that all weigh in's this week brings good results.

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