Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 21 2009

Woke up to the sound of the rain outside...what a relief as its been so hot ( and I've loved every moment ) but at night its been hard sleeping as our bedroom that gets all of the afternoon sun is so hot...even with us pulling the blinds down and shutting the curtains during the day.

35g Cereal
1 yogurt
Kiwi and a few strawberries
1 slice of bread and tsp jam
Points - 5

Then headed off to the gym for a workout.
Did 50 mins on the eclliptical - 8kl
Did 30 mins heavy weights
Did 15 mins all uphill on treadmill 2kl
Burned 748 Kcals
27% fat
9315 Steps
11 WW bonus points


2 slices bread
Tuna with slim mayo and sweet chilli sauce mixed
Points - 4,5
Fruit salad of 2 nectarines, melon and 1 kiwi

WE have so many fruit flies around with this heat and have to keep all fruit even banana's in the fridge...the fruit also is not lasting very long with the heat.

Tonight Hubby and I go do our grocery shopping...will be buying 4 yogurts, 4 puddings, 4 quarks, not as much fruit etc as I will not be here as from Thursday and hubby doesnt eat the foods I eat during the day...

Handful of chips, about 30g
Points 3

Salad with avo and feta
ww Quark
Points - 7

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