Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 178

Its Saturday morning - thinking back to what I was doing last week this time....playing with my 3 grandkids while their parents slept.....their last sleep in where I was at hand to help! A week ago since I last saw the little faces....oh time is moving on and as it does I am starting to miss CT with all that's there a little more.
My first week here I didnt do anything exciting....didnt see anyone besides Heinz....how sad is that...I didnt even get to drive my car any where as the weather was so miserable outdoors I sat inside and watched tv all day.....So today is Saturday....thank goodness Saturday means we get out, I get taken out!

When shopping last night we bumped into the Italian lady who works at the Italian resturant that we love down the road, I could not understand her, but could her actions with her hands...she showed me I had gotten smaller and then Heinz tells me she wanted to know why I lost so much weight...and that losing too much is not good...LOL, coming from a skinny woman I found that comment strange. Anyway, the nice part was that she noticed.

45g Fitness cereal
WW yogurt
Meduim Banana
POINTS = 6.5

Went shopping today with my lunch box tucked in my handbag as I knew Heinz would stop to have takeaways -

WW strawberry Quark
4 strawberries
100g grapes

I got a new pair of jeans ( so now have 2 that fit and a cupboard of jeans that no longer fit ) a pair of white shorts to just above my knee...havent worn something like this in years and a bikini....one that fits and not black as I've been wearing...I must say I was very nervous when I looked into the mirror, but was happy with what I saw...my body has gotten so much smaller it actually looks okay in a bikini ( besides the stretched skin and aging body )

Sweet potato
Tin Tuna
Tsp Mayo with salad
POINTS = 3.5

Havent trained in two days now, but know tomorrow we will either get out if the weather is good or pop into the gym...

Had two glasses of Rose wine
Points = 2
WW ice-cream
Points = 1,5

Last night watched tv after chatting to my friend Rene who lives in America...
Printed a few photo's and put them up in my entrance hall of myself and the grandchildren...am really missing them lots.

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