Tuesday, August 3, 2010

September 28 2009

I hate mondays after a weekend where I know I've over eaten and going to weigh in heavier....so was prepared this morning...

Weight 62.8kg - 800 grams over goal weight.

Did a 12 kl run this morning with my brother, sister in law and Stella who was in the special running pram...we ran down to the beach in Fish Hoek, had something to drink and ran all the way back...

Had a shower and am now dressed and ready to start my day, its 13.42 and I've only had my oats for breakfast...will go and see to something for lunch now. Dinner will be with my parents.

Am so excited...My daughter and grandson are coming to spend a few days here with me...I cant wait for them to arrive...this is my last week in CT...next Wed I'm heading off to PTA to spend time with Roxy my ex neighbour...and her little boys.

I'm back on track today....am always on track to be honest....but sometimes I just over eat...I still make the better choices even when over eating as that has now become habit to me...for example, I would not touch the chocolate cake that was on the snack table, but the french loaf and cottage cheese I ate and too much as I kept picking over 5 hours.

Hope you all had a great weekend...

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