Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 190

I have been on this journey for just over 6 months now...its the longest I have ever stuck by my desire to lose the weight I have been carrying around for too many years. When I decided this time I was going to lose the weight I know my head was in the right space, it has to be otherwise I cant stick to it for longer than a month or a few weeks without throwing in the towel - when I started this journey I was doing *Fruit only* a 14 day plan my neighbour gave me, promised I would lose 6kgs - that didnt work, I lost about 2kgs, then it was Xmas and New Year and I ate whatever but a little more carefully...we had visitors from SA so it was difficult to do a diet and who wants to diet over that time of the year I told myself...then I started Atkins, got to day 10 of 14 and decided to do WW.....that was the middle of January this year...and by then my weight was nearly 80kgs....I've not looked back since I decided to follow this plan...its not a diet, its a plan where I chose what I want to put in my mouth, its a plan where I can attend a birthday party and still have some cake, not as much as I used to, but I can have...I can enjoy a few blocks of chocolates, I can go for takeawayes ( example:Nando's in SA ) and have something there - I have the choice, nothing is off limit, but as you start losing and seeing how many points in different foods, you start making your own personal choices as what to eat and what not to eat....I eat all day now, smaller meals with low point value...When hungry I eat - I dont watch the clock and allow it to tell me when my next meal is. I feel my body is finally working with me, for me...my body is like a car, I'm giving it what it wants - small meals throughout the day with an hours of training a day...and now my body is finally working for me!!

30g Fitness cereal
WW yogurt
Points = 3,5
Have been lying in bed watching NipTuck...thinking of getting myself to the gym this morning as the weather outdoors is not that great...know I am going to struggle at gym without my ipod which I broke last Monday night...I need to listen to music when I train as it helps motivate me...will see how I manage, but to gym I have to go, didnt go yesterday - but gained extra bonus points from doing my housework, cleaning windows is heavy work!!!

Got myself - or should I say dragged myself off to gym this morning...first 10 mins were the hardest I wanted to get off machine and go home, but pushed myself through the barrier as I know I have to give myself an hour a day - I owe it to myself. Then started running, could feel the man next to me running at a quicker pace so put up my speed and ran for a good 20 mins...Did 30 mins cardio then went and worked my legs on on the machines then lastly my biceps and triceps...that took me an hour.
Burned 839 calories...

Stopped at a friend ( German but can speak English ) on my way home, thought with it being holidays she would be home with her daughter...she was...and was she surprised to see how slim I was ( her words not mine ) she is so impressed she is going to join WW here as well, this coming Wednesday, I will be going with her to buy the WW booklet - will help me alot when it comes to how many points in the German products. Had coffee, then her daughter cut up some fruit and I had some ...Got home now and have finished last night butternut, green and red pepper that I roasted for dinner...
Off to shower now then will decide what to have for lunch.

I popped over to a neighbour earlier, needed some company and knew she was outdoors as I could see her daughter of 3 playing outside...we had a good chat, drank coffee and an hour and a half later I came back home for lunch,

2 slices wholewheat bread
herb spread instead of butter
3 slices WW turkey
1/2 slice of cheese
POINTS = 3.5

Heinz is flying back from UK at this moment, cant wait for him to get home!!

Pasta and Tuna in a herb sauce..
cheese and 1tsp chutney
Salad with avo and feta
WW pudding..

Have used 20 - points today of my 22

Heinz is back.

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