Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In Hospital ~ 31 December 2009

Well where do I start...this is my food blog and not about my current situation, have done enough writing about my health in my other blog which most of you have read and commented on...thanks!!!

I brought my WW tracker book and pen with me to hospital and have been writing down everything I'm eating. I have to also add I'm missing vegetables like crazy....have asked Heinz to put a sweet potato in the oven and bring it for me as it's the one veg I can eat cold.

Everyday when Heinz visits he brings a cooler bag, inside is....my yogurt, 30grams of muesli, 1 Tsp of seeds, tupperware of mixed fruit salad which he has cut up for me and an apple. Oh and a pudding. Yesterday he bought diet lindt chocolate as well...

So I'm been taken good care of by Heinz food wise...and of course in other area's. I could not get through this time if I'd not had Heinz by my side the last few days, he has been a rock of strength to me...I feel totally blessed having him in my life as he shares this journey with me. He gives me such hope and makes me feel so positive that I will be okay, that we will be okay. He has said he will stand by me no matter what, he felt he needed to reassure me on this.

Breakfast in hospital so far has been bread and bread...then lunch I have had some vegetarian dish with potato's and dinner time bread and cheese again!!
The bread blows me up so have refused to eat it - tonight getting a Fish platter, lets see what that looks like.
I'm watching my portion sizes, if I have jam on my bread I use a little instead of the whole tub.

Remember this before you start thinking I'm crazy to be worrying about my diet in hospital but this to me is my NEW lifestyle, its not a diet anymore. I've learnt so much the last 11 months about my eating habits, my triggers etc....I'm more aware now.

I'm currently on a cortisone drip, will be for the next 3 days...so pray after 3 days there is improvement in my eyesight or else will have to be on drip for 5 days....

Am struggling to read posts, but am trying my best...my eye sight gets very tired and I cant focus....but know I'm here with you all....

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