Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh In Day ~ July 20 2009

After the weekend I had where I ate a total of 5 bread rolls I really thought I would have gained..oh dont forget the few handful of peanuts covered in honey and salt...the ice cream - 4 scoops, I didnt have the energy to train yesterday and am in my period week I STAYED THE SAME so am thrilled...I didnt gain with all that - this week I am back on my program 100% - it was good to have a bit of a break as I have been on my program since Feb and not going over my points by the amount I did this weekend. I would love to lose two more kgs before I go off to CT on the 26th August..so going to try my hardest to achieve this next goal.

40g Cereal
Points 3.5

I've fallen flat today...I know why, period time, so not to worried but at the back of my mind I keep telling myself that I have to snap out of this as if I allow myself to allow this mood to take over I will be back to where I was last year this time within weeks...I am not going to gym this morning...not in the mood...but have spoken to Heinz and told him to make sure I go with him to gym this evening, even if he has to drag me along by my now very short hair...LOL...he is going away this week again from tomorrow to Thursday night, so will have to get myself to gym as I cant rely on him for the rest of this week...thankfully have a Powerpump date at gym tomorrow with a new friend of mine, so know tomorrow I'll be going, Thursday is my class I teach, really Wednesday I have to motivate myself..am sure by then I'll be fine...
Its 10.20am and I'm still sitting in bed with my laptop watching morning tv...no need to rush anywhere today so allowing me to have this miserable hormonal moment.
Off to make another cup of coffee....
2 ww treats
Points - 3

11.26am, still in bed.

12.45 - decided its time to raise...the sun was out, so opened all the windows and doors...

2 slices of bread
WW chicken curry
Sweet melon
Points - 3

Been lying on the bean bag downstairs in the sun thats coming in via the lounge window, its like a winters day - thats something I do in autumn time find I'm doing it during summer...

3 rice cakes
3 WW Turkey slices
Points 1,5

An hour to wait for Heinz to get home, I cant wait to get to gym now, need to do something...

Gym snack
WW toffee and banana bar
Point - 1

Went to gym...
Did 30 mins uphill walking on treadmill
Did 30 mins fast cardio on eclipse
Burned 540 calories
7 Bonus WW points

Salad with feta and avo
Points - 6.5

Used 19 of my 24 points allowed today.

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