Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 20 ~ HOTTEST day

Today is going to be the hottest day of the year for Germany>...boy, am I excited, I need to get out to run before it gets too hot then come home and lie in the sun as tomorrow it's going to rain ( which we will need after all the hot days )and I need to get housework done.... see on Sat and Sun it's a lot cooler...

35g cereal
2 kiwi's
Points - 3,5

Today in one weeks time I will be flying into JHB airport - meeting Ryan, Roxy's hubby and a dear friends daughter for coffee.
I'm excited about going home again, but also sad that I'm leaving Heinz behind without any South Africans living here. In the past when I went home he would meet up with the South Africans over the weekend for company, this time its him alone. Because of this situation I've decided only to go home for a month this time....will have to make the most of this holiday as I wont be going home again till Sept 2010.

I'm going to head out to the forest now for my run/walk...my calves are sore today from all the uphill work I've been doing to get my heart rate up. Have noticed I have to work so much harder now to get my heart rate up. I'm also wondering where and when I can train while on holiday as I am feeling so fit and strong at the moment I would have to lose it and have to start all over again when I get back...want to try maintain and improve my fitness level...

Went for an hour and 10 min run today....ran all the time, never stopped once!!!!
Burned 656 kcal
14% fat
11 120 Steps
8 Bonus WW points

'm going to cool down as very sweaty due to the heat outdoors while running, then going to do some toning while I watch my catch up of Big Brother...then shower and suntan.
This evening I have my aerobic class to teach so will burn more calories.


Suntanning inbetween checking the internet as sooooooo hot outdoors, but loving it, walking around in my bikini all day

2 slices bread
WW chicken salad
WW sorbert
Points - 5,5

Fruit salad...kiwi, peach, melon, strawberries

Drinking lot of water and coke Zero and hot hot hot outside...

I always feel hungry this time of the day...5.30pm - cause I'm teaching at 7pm I only eat a light dinner after 8pm...so had a ww bar to carry me through.

WW Summer Fruit Cereal bar (first time I'm trying them, not as nice as toffee and banana )
Points - 1.5

This leaves me with 5 points for dinner...which will be

Dinner ( later )
One boiled egg
Small tin tuna
yellow pepper
Low fat mayo
Pudding....must have to end my day
Points - 3,5

oh yes...
1 point for the milk I had in my two coffee's today...

Today will have used 19,5 points
Have my 9 bonus points from my run
Now off to gain more bonus points with my toning class, too hot for aerobics - which should be about 2 .

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