Tuesday, August 3, 2010

June 8 ~ Weigh in day

I had a feeling I would gain this week...I suppose the reason for this was when I weighed myself on Saturday morning - something I usually do - it keeps me in check for the weekend that lies ahead. I was up on Saturday to my last Monday's weight!!

This morning I weigh 65.3kgs - point one down from last weeks weigh in...

I didnt gain...so am happy with this result. As I've said before - the closer I get to my goal the harder and longer its going to take...but am prepared for this...not going to stress about it...I have to be honest and say I am looking forward to seeing the numbers 64kgs on the scale!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

I have to send my camera back to be repaired, still giving the camera error after being in twice for repairs - I bought WW cheese on Friday which is covered in mould, so on principal am going to take it back to shop, which is close to post office. Then at 1.30pm I have my monthly nail appointment and this evening I teach aerobics to my group of ladies as this Thursday is a public holiday....other than that, I will be do bits of housework...got the washing going - my first attempt with the new washing machine!!

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