Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 189

Went to bed so late last night, first I sat chatting to about 4 friends online at once, my fingers sure were busy, then when I finally got to bed I watched Dr Phil as I had fallen asleep while watching it earlier the afternoon.
Woke up just after 7am this morning, am not a late sleeper anymore - used to love my lie in's but now when my eyes open I have to either sit up and watch tv or get up and start my day.

Today as I have to be home and wait for the new patio furniture to arrive I've decided to clean the house. I've been home for 2 weeks now and only done a bit of washing and ironing and little sweeping - things are starting to look grotty now, so need to wash floors, vacumn, dust and iron...if I feel like it later I will either go out or to gym...first I have to get my head around my chores.

45g Fitness cereal ( like All Bran )
WW small tub yogurt.
POINTS = 4,5

Taking a short break to come update my page.
The patio furniture arrived...2 very hot looking Germany men...wow, didnt know there were those model types here.
Been washing windows and floors...so getting good workout as am up and down the 3 flights of stairs.

Muffin and coffee ( have now finished the muffins I backed on Monday )
POINTS = 2,5 (for muffin )

I finished all the ironing then went outside to my new patio furniture and ate my lunch....

6 Salmon roses ( sushi )
POINTS = 3,5

Chatted to Ivone online and then Rita from SA living in Germany while fiddling around...

straWW Qwark

Watched Biggest Loser while my chicken and veg was in the oven...


Chicken ( too much in fact)
Butternut ( no points ) Green and Red peppers ( no points ) and sweet potato ( has points )
1Tsp olive oil to roast the ved
1 Tsp chutney for my chicken

used 19.5 of my 22 points today....
Not going to have pudding or anything else besides a cup of coffee...
So thats my wednesday dusted and done!wberries

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