Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 180

So today being Monday meant I had to climb on the scale this morning...why is it I still feel so nervous as I approach the dreaded scale, I fear seeing I've gained after working so hard I suppose...
Anyway, my good news is - I LOST ONE KILO THIS WEEK..
Was 68.0 last Monday and today am 67.0
Am thrilled as I have really put my everything into losing since returning home from holiday, I've increased my cardio and doing weights daily and never going over my points allowed per day.
I have now lost 12 kgs since November...that was when I joined the gym and got weighed...of course I've lost even more as I reached 82kgs a few times.
2 kilo's to go till my SA goal set by my group leader in SA....

30g Fitness cereal
WW vanilla yogurt
50g grapes

Am off to the dentist at 9am today!

Back from Dentist...all went well besides me nearly fainting in the chair, had to get them to sit me up...as I wanted to pass out or hit the dentist away...got to go again the 27th...got a new filling - need another one.

2 slices Whole wheat sandwich bread
31g Avo
WW Turkey slices
1 slice low fat cheese

Went to gym with Heinz...worked very hard again.
Ran for 35 mins, added 5 mins as I said I would from this week.
Walked for 25 mins at a 5% incline...
Burned over 1000 calories and did over 10 000 steps.


117g Grilled skinless chicken
144 g Baked Beans
Salad with feta and avo
WW pudding
POINTS = 7,5

So used 21,5 of my 22 points today
Got an extra 7 points from my workout session...
I cant see how two thin pancakes can add up to 4 Points...will have to check that in my SA book...am struggling a little to find things on the German site...like Grilled Chicken, cant find that...and have put in all the words for grillen Hunchen etc...comes out with everything Chicken but plain chicken...

Had a good day today...feeling tired and my mouth is a little on the sore side, it got pulled around today...
POINTS = 5,5

Went to visit a friend this afternoon, she made pancakes...
Snack2 Pancakes
2 tsp strawberry jam ( didnt touch the cream )
POINTS = 4,5

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