Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Cant write the name in full as when someone googles the name they will come up to my blog, so I know all members from the group who read my blog knows what the WW stands for.

Last night I met up with my friend Karina and her daughter Susan, I was going to attend their first meeting with them. Karin saw me last Thursday after about 2 or so months and was so surprised at how different I looked, she wanted to know how I had managed to lose the weight etc, so after sitting down and telling her my story she said she had gained 10kgs since her move from Scotland to Germany and needed to get it off so wanted to do it as well.

Karin found out where the meetings were held in our town, called the lady and asked if we could attend - Karin told the leader I was an online member but wanted to come along as I wanted to buy the food point list book...Karin called to tell me the meetings were held on Wednesday evenings at 7pm but we should get there by 6.30pm.

I went to Karin's house, left my car there and we walked down the road to a school to where the meetings were taking place.

Found it very easily as there were signs all over the road - walking into the hall the first thing I noticed was all the WW products and books on the tables - Immediatly I headed over to the table while Karin went to speak to the leader to introduce herself. I saw packs of 30g chips, toffee sweet, other kids of sweet, like fruit drops, lots of different bars ( I bought toffee and banana ) Lots of different books were available,books on cakes, meals, all the different resturants, the food points list book, the heart rate training monitor that gives you the points you gained after a workout, the fancy scale that tells you how many points in your food, a hand held small calculater for when you out shopping and need to work out how many points in food before you buy it, can also be used in the kitchen, fits very nicely into one's handbag. They also sold different sauces and pudding one can mix. I have seen all these products online bt knowing I can just pop down there on a Wednesday evening to buy is really great.

There must have been about 35 women in the meeting - all speaking German, so Karin translated anything of interest that was being said. The topic of yesterday was using the herbs that grow in your garden in your food. I see like in SA each week the members get a new book, look very different to the SA book, and it has two medal tips on the end of the book which fits into a special WW file you can buy. I noticed most of the ladies had this file with them.
They discussed many things, I found the group a lot more verbal than the group meeting I attended in SA...One lady was very worried about this weekend as its a public holiday on Monday and she has a 70th birthday party, she said she is worried about all the temptations there and that she was asked to bake a cake, so everyone gave their 2cents
worth and tried to give her tips on how to cope...and so it went....the discussed the foods in the resturants...the dressings, how to eat out and what is the best choice. I so wished I could understand more than I did. The meeting went on for an hour....

After the meeting Karin, Susan and one other new member stayed for the talk about how WW works...I sat and * watched * - whenever I could not understand I would ask Karin who would then translate for me. I learnt something new there last night...
Here they have foods in the Carbs and Protein sections which they call *Filler foods* they say for example 60g of pasta is 3 points...but for 4 points you can eat as much as you like...as this food will fill you up for longer and in the long run you save on points as you are not hungry in 2 hours after a meal.

Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Kwiwi's ( fruits I eat ) have no points here in Germany - yet in SA they have points depending on the amount they weigh...another thing I found different.

Karin and her daughter joined up after the talk...they bought a Food journal, food lists and got a WW carrier bag .....
We left the meeting at 9pm - walked back to Karin's house...the sun was still shining, it was still daylight outside....

I was very impressed!

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