Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh In Day ~ 22 June 2009

Good morning everyone....

Havent seem many group members around lately, seems everyone is enjoying winter in SA and not too worried about the extra pounds....*Mistake* as soon it will be summer and you will regret not having lost the weight during winter time....so come on, get back on your program and be *summer* ready!

I've lost weight...weighed 64.7 kgs this morning...so that's .8 loss from last Monday ( nearly a kg )
My one goal on WW online is 64.6kgs, so miss that by .1 this morning....:(

I'm heading off to the post office this morning, sending my daughter a webcam and a few small things for my grandson....oh and a pair of jeans for my mom who has lost 14kgs already.
After the post office its off to the gym for a workout - then home to shower and get ready, at 2.30pm I go next door to a 4 year old's birthday party and take photo's of the event and hopefully family photo's of the couple with their child...Am excited about this as I havent taken photo's of people since I left CT 2 months ago...
I also need to fit in time to iron as this morning Heinz opened his cupboard and said he didnt have anything to wear to work today....and I ironed last week!!!

So I am told we officially went into summer yesterday....Summer?? What is that, it sure doesnt feel like summer this morning...its pretty cold and very grey and cloudy. But knowing that its officially summer gives me hope that within the next few days or weeks I will be able to enjoy some much better weather.

Have a great Monday everyone...

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