Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh in Day ~ 1 September 2009

Weight - 62kgs ( on my old scale that my daughter has )

Points allowed 20
Activity Points gained 7
Total 27 Points allowed

Ran in the morning for one hour...up and down the hills in the area, felt very tired and on some of the hills actually walked as my heart rate went way over what it should be.

Ate 24 Points for Monday

Went to the Barnyard with my grandson and had a tuna sandwich which had butter all over the bread which they toasted - the bread was thick and of course not sure what kind of mayo they used - now this is not something I would usually eat if back at home...so there went many of my points.

I like to have my dinner before 7pm otherwise very hungry and start picking, thats what happened last night...I had 2 rye crackers with cottage cheese and a ww wafer bar before dinner, that also took 4 points which I normally would not have had before dinner.

As I have no control over the time I eat while living with others on holiday I'm going to have to become very strict with myself.

Its horrible Cape Town weather today, so wont be running. I plan to do something indoors...will mention tomorrow if I do get around to it as it's my intention to do something later.

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