Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hospital ~ Day 5 on cortisone

So today I found out why I'm not sleeping too well....HORMONES affected by the cortisone!!! Not only Doris the snorer keeping me awake.

I didn't sleep too well last night...in my blog I have written more about that and the laughing fit I had which felt so good afterwards.

Took my calcium and magnesium with banana soon after waking. ( have to take when on cortisone )

1 slice rye bread
1 tsp honey

10am snack
Muesli and seeds
Mixed fruit salad

Paste filled with cheese in tomato base
Didn't eat the tomato base but enjoyed the pasta
Pudding...scrapped the cream off and only ate vanilla section

Block of the last Xmas Lindt chocolate

2 slices Rye crackerbread
1 Slice cheese
Yogurt mixed with last fruit salad

Kit Kat chocolate balls - about 8, Heinz brought to hospital and made him take it back home as I don't want to be tempted here this evening.
Hot chocolate

Walked 2562 steps today
Not better than yesterday
But after DR told me to take it easy for a while and I was experiencing the affects on my skin I decided 2 trips up the stairs was enough for today.

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