Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The *LOVE* has returned

I really struggled a while back to get myself to gym most days.- Every morning I had this mental fight with myself - I kept reminding myself how good I'd feel afterwards, the bonus points training gave me and the fact that it burned calories and was good for my health...being around to play with my grandkids.

Most days my mind won the battle over my lazy body - thank goodness Heinz goes to gym every night as he would motivate me to join him and my friend Karin...So I got there.....even though I dragged my feet in the process.

Then *snap* something happened in my brain again and the love for puffing, panting and lots of sweat returned. I found a new love for it again and have been going without the mental fight and no more dragging of feet.
I wake up in the morning and look forward to my workout, I plan in my head what I am going to do - then get out of bed and get dressed in my gym gear...READY FOR ACTION

I've decided while I have my *love* for working out back I have to make the most of it...so have upped the time I spend at gym...and because I know that getting closer to my goal weight is going to make the next 3kgs very hard to loose. I now want to see the numbers 64kgs looking back at me when on the scale - the only way I am going to see that is to do lots more fat burning as I know i am not over eating calorie wise...

So with saying that....I need to have my breakfast then hit the gym - *burn baby burn* that's what I'll be telling my body this morning.

Have a good Wednesday everyone and I know a few of you have weigh in day today...Good luck!!

Quick update
Back from gym - did one hour and 45mins of fat burning workout today...feeling great,now time to shower..

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