Tuesday, August 3, 2010

September 13 2009

I'm now counting the days to my return to Germany...how weird, I remember counting the days down to this trip, although I never really felt that excited as I had been here only 4 months earlier and didnt feel the need to come back, my life was in such a good routine and I was making new friendships and building on my life there without Carol and Roxy for support.
The reason I did come down was for Lauryn who at that time was without a job and Heinz suggested I return and help her - give her direction etc...but since then Lauryn has found the most amazing Aupair job for a family who live 6 months in CT and 6 months in US...Lauryn has taken on a PA position with her new boss as well as aupair, as she has seen that Lauryn is very intelligent and on the ball when it comes to things...my poor child is working her butt off but knows that this job is a job of a life time so never moans or complains.
Lauryn is leaving for the US on Wednesday and will return again on the 6th Oct - the day before I leave, so will go say goodbye at the airport incase I dont get to see her again. BTW she is flying business class, unlike her very jealous mother who fly's cattle class....

Took today off from training...it was cold and raining - didnt feel like the indoor workout which I will do tomorrow if the weather is still the same - this week I got to train 5/7 days so am happy with this.

Eating today went as follows

Jungle Oats
Rooibos tea with sweet honey

1/2 chicken mayo sandwich I shared with Lauryn and coffee

Free Veggie soup my mom made
Woolworths peanut snack stuff

Chicken dish and rice
glass of red wine ( hate red wine and wont attempt that again )

Today had about 22 points ....
Have no bonus points

Went with Lauryn to see her puppy Lucky today...boy was an emotional experience...Lucky jumped all over Lauryn and I, she was so happy to see Lauryn, it brought tears to my eyes, I had a huge lump in my throat as I watched
them together after being 2 weeks apart.
The new owner of Lucky is a wonderful young girl who adores the puppy as Lauryn did, Lucky is so spoilt and is so loved...like a child...its wonderful to see and my heart was so happy that Lucky was placed in such a fantastic home - the good bye was the worst, Lauryn started kissing Lucky, telling her how much she miss her, then said * I love u so much * and then broke out in sobs ( I'm wanting to cry writing this down as it was so emotional and sad to watch ) the poor girl who now owns Lucky also started crying...man - that was such a sad time.

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