Tuesday, August 3, 2010

September 4 2009

So last night I came across to Noordhoek and ate my mommy's cooking...all weight watchers - so didnt go over my 20 points - first time in a while so was happy.

This morning I woke up at 7am, took a look out and saw it was a lovely morning, got up, made my bed, got gym gear on and by 7.15am I was out the door for a run...ran for 40 mins up and down the complex, lots of sand dune steps and hills...got a good workout...got back and then went to do biceps, triceps, shoulders and squads in the weights area in my brother's house - while they all got ready for work.
Burned over 515kcal and did about 6 000 steps...so started my day off feeling good ..

I showered, went to my mom's scale to weigh myself, will be keeping a track of my weight on this scale for a while now...weighed 62.2kgs this morning...so am still on track.

My breakfast was all bran, yogurt and apple
Lunch I went with my daughter in law ( who is a member here now - BiancaFobian ) had a toasted chicken and mayo sandwich which was toasted so could see lots of butter on the top...
Not sure what's for dinner yet...

BTW, went to Woolworths to try on jeans...size 10 is too big for me now...think I am the inbetween size of 9 as I cant possibly be a 8...i need new jeans as my ones are hanging on me terribly.

Have a great weekend...will pop around from time to time...

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