Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 191

Its just after 4am and I am sitting at my computer as I'm stuggling to sleep. Been tossing and turning for about an hour already -so frustrated. Have been sleeping so well and now that Heinz is back home I'm awake at strange hours. I think what got me awake this morning was I thought about my laptop thats in for repairs...yes its been in now for nearly 3 weeks. I've been told that my photo's cannot be retrieved that I had on my computer and the one's I took while on holiday...so there I was lying in bed remembering the photo's that I've lost and then feeling so sad about it...now cant sleep!

Still up...its 5.51 now, Heinz will be waking up soon - will wonder why I'm not in bed!! hehehe

1 slice ww toast
1 egg fried in Spray and cook
1 ww yogurt
POINTS = 3.5

Angela lay watching a bit of tv earlier and your right - I dozed off!!
Did some ironing, so am now up to date...till Monday

2 WW biscuits
POINTS = 1.5

Heinz and I went food shopping...

3rice cakes
3 WW turkey slices
100g Pasta and Tuna from last night

Heinz and I went to Fulda, he bought a new washing machine as ours is over 9 years old and starting to give us trouble, its a old South African one and here in Germany they are way ahead with the washing machines, only problem is the dials are now all in Germany!! Will have to get a quick lesson on how to work it when it arrives next week,
1/4 piece of pumpkin seed roll ( love it but didnt over eat )
Salad with Feta cheese
WW pudding

Total points used = 19,5 of my 22
Feel I had too much chicken today...but didnt eat the skin!

Thats me for today, cant afford to have a glass of wine with Heinz this evening, he offered and I said NO thanks, no points over and he poured himself a beer...

We off to Koln tomorrow very early so will update my meals when I get back...will write all what i EAT down in my Diat bookie in my handbag...

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