Tuesday, August 3, 2010

September 9 2009

Weather improved today...which was great, still a horrible chill in the air as temps reached about 15 degrees only.

This morning I was woken up to come have a bowl of Jungle oats...wanted that instead of all bran so asked Kirsty to wake me as I wanted to join them all for breakfast...was divine.

Then went up to train...
Did weights for biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest
Then went to box the bag for about 15 mins.
Then went down and did a step and weights workout for a further 25 mins
Then ended with a 20 minute run and abs workout...
Burned 630kcal
9 457 Steps
Gained 7 WW points.

Snack I had strawberries and little yogurt.

Went to Woolworths to buy new jeans as my jeans are looking terrible on me...hanging...my new pairs I bought in Germany about 4 months ago.
I am now a size 9 - 33...this is the smallest I've got into in about 15 years...no jokes...I am usually when slim a size 10 - 34.
Bought 2 pairs of jeans...and one was even the slim fit...
Ended up getting the one pair that ticket said R 130 for R25....the girl at the till was shocked to see the price and said it was my lucky day!!!

While at woolworths I bought their 150g packed of wine gums...thinking this was safe to snack on as I was not going to have my lunch until later...so for about 3 hours I nibbled on wine gums...when I got back to the house and worked out the points it was a total of 8 for that packet...I was shocked...8!!!!!!!!!! gone on junk!!

My mom had made me free soup so I had that for late lunch....

Then later I had left over tuna and pasta for dinner with a glass of wine...
Am sitting on 19 points with 7 to spare...

oh...I've gained 1.2kgs since being here...How its possible I have no idea as am training and doing my cardio, watching what I eat...and get so cross when I'm told to *relax and enjoy my holiday* how can I when I'm picking up weight doing the things I am...am hoping to get this weight off...am frustrated by this gain to be honest...as I have not gone over board on anything...still aware!!

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