Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 185

Woke up this morning at 6.30am,decided to get out of bed so Heinz could have a Saturday morning lie in, came online, checked emails and group then went down and watched the Top 3 results show of American Idol...boy, I cried when Danny was voted off...he deserved to be in the Top 2, the final...
I'm feeling a bit fluish today, my nose keeps running ( i have to catch it ) and my head feels thick. So the crying this morning didnt do me any good as now feel sicker!!
I am concerned about my weigh in on Monday, not that I have cheated or not trained, but have something weird going on with my periods. I had a period 2 weeks ago when I left CT and now have another one...so am sure I have gained a bit as I can see my stomach is swollen and I feel fatter. (water retention)
BUT - will listen to the knowledge I know and climb on that scale and if I have gained I will continue as the following week it will look better for me on the scale again.

40g Fitness cereal
WW yogurt with chocolate pieces inside ( can you believe that )

Heinz and I are going out to town now, have a few things to do, then at 2pm he is going to hairdresser....I'm going to pack a lunch box incase he stops at McDonalds for a burger!!


we back...my ipod I dropped on Thursday night is going to cost 150 euro's to fix...so Heinz has decided against sending it in and buying me a new one for 50 euro's more. - Not sure how long i have to wait...maybe it will be for my birthday next month. We also didnt stop at McDonalds, had enough time to come home and make a sandwich before Heinz has to get to hairdresser at 2pm...he is about to mow the lawn now. That man of mine cant sit still for a minute.

2 slices WW bread
24g Avo
2 Turkey slices
WW Vanilla Quark

I found some *liecht* Ice tea..I really enjoyed my Lipton light ice tea back in CT as it had no points - this is not Lipton but some other make, I see they sell Lipton here but not the light version.

In SA wine gums, the rolled packet is 1 point, something simular here is 1.5 points...so bought 2 packets for when I crave something sweet...will only eat half a packet at a time...as I dont have such a sweet tooth anymore.

Packed wine gums
POINTS = 1.5

Heinz and I went to Alsfeld so he could have his hair cut, met my friend who lives in Natal but here in Germany till next Tuesday...we had a cuppa...and chatted till Heinz was finished and joined us.

WW chicken and noodle soup
POINTS = 2.5
3 rice cakes with WW Turkey slices
WW vanilla and chocolate pudding

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