Tuesday, August 3, 2010

20 April 2009

I had my hair colored and cut last Thursday, my sister Jenny came around to where I was staying and sorted me out as I was in much need of color and a more youthful look, well that is what my daughter told me, she mentioned that she thought my current cut was making me look much older and that she thought I needed a more modern look.
I am much darker with a few blond streaks as I asked for, the back is very short and the front comes to a point ( cant discribe very well ) I can put it behind my ears and if I want to zootie it up I can let it hang forward..not everyone likes it, I find the older ladies my age who have had the same hairstyle since pa fell off the bus have said they prefer my thicker longer hair..but I love it and so does my daughter who mentioned it to me, my friend who came around to visit today and my younger daughter...and hair grows for heavens sake, does not mean cause its shorter now its going to stay this way forever, I love changing my look...have always been this way.

I saw two friends today and both mentioned I have lost more weight since they saw me last...which is good as I dont think I have lost that much ( well not according to WW scale anyway ) but I have lost lots of cm, I so wish I had started taking my measurements when I started and not only since I came to CT on holiday, when back in Germany I will write here how many cm I have lost on the area's...my stomach area has gone down the most, then my boobs, so am thrilled...

I have not trained since Saturday....but do intend to walk tomorrow if the wind stops, as wind is hectic in Somerset West at the moment - I actually feel very guilty when I see people running in this weather and I say its too windy...LOL...when I'm back in Germany in less than 2 weeks I will train everyday again and try get to my goal of 65 kgs, at the moment still 68kgs.

I went for my second facial peel today...boy do these salons know how to add on things to add to the price...I asked for a lip wax after the treatment - was sent to another girl and room..the girls says to me as I lie down...you want a lip and brow wax, a eyebrow and eyelash tint...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i replied...just a lip wax...Skin feels good - am going to keep my face out of the sun this year will be the first time since I was about 11 years old - I had terrible pimples so the dr told me to lie in the sun everyday for an hour after school putting my face in the sun...I have done that ever since!!!

I am hosting a botox party this saturday morning...there are about 7 of us - most want brow and eye area's done or frown....I had my eyes done a month ago and am loving the effect...this time I am having the lines around my mouth filled...this will be my first time - if I like the look I will upkeep it whenever I visit SA...which means I will have to start making money with my photography as I know Heinz will not pay for this, he sees it as a total waste of money...

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