Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Birthday ~ 2009

Wow...thanks for the birthday messages, have been feeling the love, not only here but also on Facebook, all those messages made me feel so special! My phone has not stopped ringing...even phone calls from South Africa and Australia...then tons of sms's...its been fantastic.

This morning Heinz brought me coffee in bed and gave me my gifts....then I got up and got dressed for gym, I had to be there early or else would not be ready for my lunch date with me friend. I did one hour of heavy, sweaty cardio work, burned 800 calories so now dont feel bad about going over my points today...
Got home, showered and got dressed...the at midday my 2 friends arrived, once again got spoilt with gifts from them - oh and, while waiting for my one friend a parcel arrived via DHL from a blogger who found my blog on blogger.com, her husband is on his way to Cape Town tonight to visit their daughter who is working there, I took a parcel home for this girl when I went to CT a few months ago...have never met this lady in person, and here she spoils me with so many gifts...she had earlier sent me a book via amazon as well...I wont ever say German people are not friendly as this lady makes up for them all.

My friends and I went off to Fulda, went to the *Little Tokyo* for lunch...yummy sushi, I know its not everyone things, but we three had a good time and as we all on WW we didnt want to have cake and coffee. After lunch we went for a walk around the Fulda beautiful gardens, then stopped for something to drink before heading off to the shops quickly, then home...

I have just got home, Heinz is at gym, when he gets back we off to have dinner at the Italian.....I dont have many points left, about 6 but can work around that with the meal I always chose when I go there...and will have a glass of wine.

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