Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Struggling ~ 4 December 2009

The last two days I've really struggled to stick to my points allowed.
I know why this is, but still my mind tells me at this stage of the journey I should have better control. But I don't, I feel like I've not learnt anything about my eating habits on days like I've had this week.

I know its all to do with my hormones.
I'm going through changes but still experience the mood swings and waiting to eat at period time.
My period is due next week...so this week I've been so irritable - my poor husband has taken the brunt of my moods every evening this week...then my eating habits....I have been craving everything wrong...and most times given into them.

The last period I had was 3 months ago..while in CT on holiday and that one came 2 weeks early, since then I've had all the symptoms but no bleeding...( we're all girls here so I can say it as it is )

This stage of live is very new to me, I have no idea how to deal with it, every day, week, month is a learning curve for me.

Monday is my weight in day, I have no hope for it to be a good one - but that does not give me the right to throw in the towel and over eat this weekend. I'm working very hard mentally to stick to my plan, my points allowed...I gained 12 Activity points today and have those extra 35 if I really need them....but you know me, I hate going over my daily allowed and when I see I do I get very frustrated with myself.

Tomorrow Heinz is taking me away to a Xmas market that's 2 hours away from home, there I will be kept busy and not as tempted to eat the wrong stuff....
The last two days have been so tough....I look forward to tomorrow, to have a new start.

Hope you all having a great Friday and that you have an even better weekend.

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