Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 199

Good morning

Heinz and I are going to Kassel near Frankfurt this morning....Ikea, as my daughter in law saw duvet covers for my grandson's bedroom and Ikea wont post them to SA, so we going to buy them and I will post back to SA on Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday here....I always stress about posting things back to SA as the last few parcels I sent normal post never arrived, the last parcel I posted DHL at a cost of over R500 - that got there, but I stressed from the moment I left it at post office here it my daughter in law sent sms to say parcel arrived about 14 days later.
Heinz also needs to go to Kassel as his Okleys need some repairing done to them.

Its a wonderful summers day here in Germany today...so we want to rush back to ride bikes this afternoon...I'm going to go out with Heinz and get over my fear...

I weighted myself this morning ( 66.0kg ) wanted to make sure on weigh in day on Monday I didnt gain over the long weekend.

See you all later.

20g Hipp cereal ( very high in points so wont be eating this very often )
30g All Bran

Snack ( took with me in a lunch box Rita ) ;)
WW banana and toffee bar

Lunch in Kassel
1 scoop Lemon sorbert
POINTS = 6,5

ww wafer bar
POINTS = 1,5

1 sweet potato
Tin tuna mixed with tomato, cucumber, spring onion, yellow peppers, mayo and tsp chutney
100 ml glass sweet wine.

That's it for me today, have had 19 of my 22 points.

watching the final of Britains Got Talent this evening so off to bath so that i can get off to bed straight after show as going to be a good 3 hours of tv watching...

Hope you all had a good Saturday.

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