Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keeping Motivated

Last night Heinz and I walked down to the fair in town, we walked as the show is very close to home and there are no available parking places as many people come from the towns close by.
It was market day yesterday, had I know it was ONLY for yesterday I would have taken the walk down yesterday afternoon, by the time Heinz got home, we had dinner ( I didnt want to be hungry and tempted with fair's foods ) and we got to town, the stale owners were packing up. When I asked why they were packing up I was told they had to be out by 7pm and that it was only for that day...I did manage to find a necklace I liked for 10 euro's so Heinz bought it for me, maybe it was a blessing in disguise that we got there late as I am sure I would have seen lots more that I liked there and wanted.

Heinz and I walked around town, we stopped to have something to drink, him a beer and me a Diet Cola...gave us time to chat without tv ( sport ) as a distraction. I like it when Heinz and I sit and chat, I get loads off my chest during those times as one cant get angry or fight as there are many people around you...so you say what needs to be said with a smile on your face!!!

I must admit, I did look at the ice-cream, the nuts all sugar coated ( love them ) and wondered what I could eat as I had 4 points left for the day....I didnt say anything to Heinz as I know he would have said * come on, have a few* - fighting off the temptation was happening in my head only...

After walking around - me taking photo's, we went to a bar - Heinz had beer and I had a glass of white wine, taking one point off my 4 I had left. Heinz had a few beers while I sipped my wine very slowly - after that I had a cup of coffee while Heinz enjoyed his last beer.
While sitting at the *outdoor bar* Heinz and I got chatting about my weight and *diet*. I wanted to know how he felt about me loosing weight. He told me he was very happy for me as he has seen me try to lose the weight so many times in the past, the struggle I had and now sees that I've won the battle and that he is very proud of me. He also told me I was an living advert for WW...( LOL ) I told him that I appriciated the fact that never did he make me feel bad about being overweight, he loved me and made me feel good although I personally wasnt feeling good about my body...He never compared me to slimmer women, said * you an instructor you should know better* - why dont you lose weight, go on a diet* _ Never did he say anything to hurt me when it came to my weight.

I told him I'm feeling very passionate about women and their weight...I know from personal experience that NO woman likes being overweight, no woman likes looking at herself in the mirror when overweight, nothing looks good on, its horrible going clothes shopping, most times we come out more depressed than before we went in...I want to do something where I can be of help to overweight women, start a group where we meet to train 3x a week, a day were we can all get together to discuss how we feel, what we want...I'm not sure, how can I do anything like this here not being able to speak the language anyway...I have this group which I so enjoy, but with everyone living far away from me I cant help the way I want to...I can leave messages, which the group member can chose to ignore, I can leave messages asking questions, but the member can chose not to reply to me, not log in....my hands are tied, I can only help those who want to be helped, I am slowly learning this...Like with a diet, so many start but never reach their goal - many join this group then never come back!
Saying that, my biggest challenge is keeping myself motivated and on track - I surround myself with all the tools to help keep me focused. Every magazine I buy is about diet and training - I watch tv programs like * the biggest loser, I can make you thin, X-weighted etc* watching these keeps me motivated....They my Weight Watchers meeting I cant attend here!

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