Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh in Day ~ 26 October 2009

As you all know last week I planned all week for the weekend that lay ahead for me.

1. Dinner at a Mexican resturant - were I had no control over what the dinner was.
2. 5th Wedding anniversary breakfast/brunch in hotel.

I actually lost weight during last week with cutting my points from 20 a day to 18...

I did enjoy my dinner on Saturday evening. I had 2 glasses of wine which added to 3 points...starters ( dont ask the names but all were crumbed ) then had one of the two pastry things on my plate ( have no idea the names of mexican dishers as my first time eating mexican ) I said NO to the cake, I said NO to shooters but did have a coffee with Baileys to end my evening and a cocktail to start my evening.

Sunday I had 2 bowels of cereals, yogurt, fruit and nuts...one boiled egg and roll, coffee, tea and ended off with a sweet pastry thingie...hehe, cant think of its name today!!!

Sunday Heinz got McDonalds for late lunch...I said NO thanks still full...

Saturday while in Frankfurt city center we went to this resturant for a bite to eat...I wanted a brown, rye or wholewheat roll...they didnt have, only white..so I said ..Its okay, just a coffee for me please...Heinz was stunned, he said * I wish I had a normal wife and not someone who is so fussing about what they eat*...I was stunned...I find white bread and pasta blows me up, makes me feel full of gas, so that's the reason I say no thanks...later while walking around I found a wholewheat roll with tomoto, cheese, cucumber and lettuce - then had my lunch.

So back to weigh in day...I lost .2 this week...
Had I not planned I surely would have gained...
So this shows me and everyone on this

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