Tuesday, August 3, 2010

April 10 2009

yesterday was not a very good day for me, the emotional eater side reared its ugly head and I fought it the whole day as all I wanted to do was stuff my face...
MY CAR GOT STOLEN...outside my son's house on Thursday morning ....it's not my car, it belonged to a blogger friend who was kind enough to lend me the car while on holiday...
I ended my day on 18 points, but boy, it was a struggle...went to the Spar to do some last minute shopping when my mom collected me last night for the weekend...and everything I saw I wanted, everything looked so good...I was pleased my mom was with me as I kept on telling her ( but me ) that it was not worth eating...not after having lost over 10 kgs...not worth it at all.

Today we having lots of family around for a fish braai...last night my mom and I were counting points, saying we will have a small breakfast of about 3 points and then only have 100g of fish and 100g of pickled fish as that alone would be 6 points...then salad and oven veg...we should be okay...bought diet ice cream for us - need to work out how much of that we can have..and then still keep points over for dinner time.
Hope you all have a good Good Friday.

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