Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 149 ~ April 11

I have felt bloated all day today....I have no idea why, so when my mom suggested I weigh myself this morning I said NO....will do again when I go for weigh in..on Wednesday.

Today I had my all bran and yogurt with slices apple for breakfast
Snacked on a crackerbread and cottage cheese
Lunch I had slice of woolworths rye bread toasted and left over pickled fish ( 100g)
Snacked on 100g pineapple pieces
now am waiting for my dad to finish braaiing so I can have my 100g chicken, salad and mielie...
Have had 3 cups of coffee today ( no water ) and ice tea, the light one - need to up my water I know.

I need to download the photo's I took on Thursday just before I discovered my car was gone, but need another lead as I used the small camera - when I go to my daughter I will put it up as my 69kg mark...I cant wait to see how I feel at 65kgs as according to my BMI I can go down to 62kgs...all I want is thinner arms, upper arms, mine are very big and even though I've lost over 10 kgs they still on the big side, I told my mom I will stop losing till I have thin arms...hehehe...thats never going to happen!!!

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