Tuesday, August 3, 2010

April 6 2009

Am in Somerset west at the moment, spending time helping my daughter with my grandson Xavier who is 8 weeks today, Thursday he will be a full 2 months old...time flies and he is getting so cute, he smiles and talks and is starting to settle into a nice routine...from 3 months I think he is going to be a dream baby.

Today my daughter and I went to Fruit and Veg and had sushi for lunch, am really enjoying the Salmon Roses and sushi is very low in points, its the one meal WW suggests you eat when you go out.

Yesterday I attended my friends daughters party - a whole 3 - I stayed away from the lovely looking cupcakes - I ate the woolworths pieces of chicken - the carrot sticks - peanuts ( very bad and high in points which I discovered when I got home and checked my book ) and half of a half slice of birthday cake to try...with that I still managed to end my day on 18 points...today am being more aware and very careful.

I am enjoying the Light Peach tea, I cant remember if we have that in Germany???? It has no points so am drinking lots of it...when I've joined the German WW site am sure I will get the info I'm looking for online and more tips for the foods available in that country.

I havent trained since Friday....will have to do something tomorrow for sure.

I have lost more centimeters - each week my daughter in law measures me...so althrough the weight is coming off slowly my body shape is changing..

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